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Liverpool FC Deal with Tibet Water


Tibet Water Resources Limited exploits the natural resources of Tibet with the help of the Chinese military occupation. So why has Liverpool FC signed a sponsorship deal with the company?

Tibet Water is only able to take resources from Tibet because the brutal Chinese military occupation allows it to -- it owes its profits to the repression, torture and denial of political freedoms that have become commonplace there.

In turn, its brand -- and now Liverpool FC -- lends legitimacy to the occupation, creating a cycle of violence and repression.

Tell Liverpool FC to drop its sponsorship deal with Tibet Water -- NOW!

Political repression isn’t even the only reason that Tibet Water doesn't make a good partner for an institution like Liverpool FC -- there are serious environmental problems, too.

Bottling water from Tibetan glaciers exacerbates the existing threat to Tibet’s resources already posed by climate change and pollution -- making an already bad situation even worse.

The Chinese government knows it can only continue to get away with repression in Tibet if its occupation has legitimacy. And associating Tibet with major global brands like Liverpool FC is a great way to normalise the brutal situation...

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Letter to Liverpool FC Directors II
On 25 September 2017, we wrote to the Directors of Liverpool FC, following up to our letter dated XX and requesting further information on the recent partnership.

Liverpool FC has not responded to our letter.

Letter to Liverpool FC Directors I
9 August 2017

(London) – On 24 July, Liverpool FC entered into an agreement with a Chinese company involved in resource exploitation in Tibet...

Joint Press Release: Tibet Campaigners Launch Global Campaign Against Liverpool FC’s “Dangerous” Deal
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Tibet groups around the world have launched a campaign to press Liverpool FC to terminate a controversial deal with Chinese water bottling company Tibet Water Resources Limited (1). The campaign calls on Liverpool FC’s owner, John W. Henry, to terminate the deal with Tibet Water due to the ethical concerns over dealing with a company […]

Letter to Liverpool FC Directors II
Campaigns, Directors, Environment, Liverpool FC, Tibet Water
Andy Hughes Chief Operating Officer Liverpool Football Club Anfield Road Liverpool L4 0TH 25 September 2017 Dear Mr Hughes, We are following up on the letter we sent to you on 2 August 2017 concerning the recent sponsorship deal Liverpool Football Club has entered into with Tibet Water Resources Ltd (TWRL), to which we have […]

Direct Action: Tibetan activist groups meet with supporters outside the Liverpool FC vs Watford match
Campaigns, Environment, Liverpool FC, Tibet Water
On 12 August, Tibet Society in collaboration with a range of other Tibetan activist groups and supporters, headed to the opening of the premier league at Watford Stadium. As supporters arrived at the match, Tibet Society, Free Tibet and the Tibetan Community in Britain handed out approximately 3,000 leaflets to raise awareness about the recent […]

Press Release: Own Goal for Liverpool Football Club as it Endorses Chinese Water Company
Campaigns, Environment, Liverpool FC, Tibet Water
(London) – On 24 July, Liverpool FC entered into an agreement with a Chinese company involved in resource exploitation in Tibet. Now Tibet Society, the world’s oldest Tibet support group, is calling on the premier club to cancel the agreement and instead work to improve conditions in Tibet. As a club that has championed its […]

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